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Kingdom Keys Re:Coded is a mod for Minecraft which adds elements from the game Kingdom Hearts.

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Introducing Kingdom Hearts in Minecraft

Kingdom Keys Re:Coded is a modification for Minecraft currently developed by Toby "Wehavecookies56" Wishart and Abelatox. The latest version is v0.8.2.1 for Minecraft 1.10.2 and is developed using Minecraft Forge. It is also open source located on Github. The mod was originally called "Kingdom Keys" but was changed due to this version being made from scratch hence the name "Re:Coded" it is also a reference to the game "Kingdom Hearts Re:Coded".



Keyblades act in many ways like swords, but have some major differences.

They have unlimited durability, much higher damage, and are summoned using key chains. Many of them also have 3D models.

Of course this comes at a cost, they are created through item synthesis. Which involves finding the correct recipe and materials in order to create it.

Every keyblade seen in every Kingdom Hearts game so far is included in the mod.

They are also used to open Iron Doors and the Chests added by the mod

Ultima Keyblade from Kingdom Hearts 2
Valor form with Star seeker from Kingdom Hearts 2

Drive Forms

Drive Forms are forms in which the player gets new abilities while the form is active.

They are activated from the Command Menu and require Drive Points or "DP". Your DP is displayed on the Drive Gauge on the HUD.

They are unlocked by placing a Form Orb in the inventory located in the Menu

Here's a list of Drive forms in the mod

  • Valor Form
  • Wisdom Form
  • Limit Form
  • Master Form
  • Final Form
  • Anti Form

When a drive form is activated it increases your Anti Points which increases your chance of Anti Form activating instead of your desired form unless you use Final Form.


Magic is a powerful ability allowing for spells to be cast.

Spells are cast from the Command Menu and require Magic Points or "MP". Your MP is displayed on the MP bar on the HUD.

They are unlocked by placing a Spell Orb in the inventory located in the Menu

Here's a list of Spells as well as what they level up to in the mod

  • Fire > Fira > Firaga
  • Blizzard > Blizzara > Blizzaga
  • Thunder > Thundara > Thundaga
  • Cure > Cura > Curaga
  • Aero > Aerora > Aeroga
  • Stop > Stopra > Stopga

When your MP is depleted it will go into a recharge state where the bar will appear pink and will slowly refill, MP orbs can also be obtained to refill your MP.

Thunder magic cast on a spider


Download Kingdom Keys Re:Coded

The mod can be downloaded from Curse Forge. Click the button below to go to the Curse Forge page.

Kingdom Keys Re:Coded on Curse Forge

Other downloads

Here you can download some optional resourcepacks for the mod.

Kingdom Keys Re:Coded Music Pack

Created By Wehavecookies56.

This resourcepack adds custom music that plays on the main menu and while in battle. Completely optional if you don't use this you can disable the music in the config to save a bit of performance.

Kingdom Keys Re:Coded Low-res Models Pack

Created By Wehavecookies56.

This resourcepack has half sized textures for the 3D models. This resourcepack is good for low end computers and to increase loading times.

Super HD Kingdom Keys Resource Pack

Created By Abelatox and Hartsa.

This resourcepack has higher resolution textures for many of the items in the mod.

Installation (Windows)

  1. Download the recommend Forge using the (installer) link
  2. Run the .jar file by opening it with java
  3. Click the "Install client" button (Make sure you have already downloaded Minecraft through the launcher)
  4. Open up where your Minecraft install folder is by default it is in C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Roaming\.minecraft alternatively go to %appdata%\.minecraft
  5. Go to the "mods" folder (If it does not exist create it)
  6. Copy the Kingdom Keys .jar file over to the mods folder
  7. Run the Minecraft launcher and select the "Forge" profile and play!


Kingdom Keys Re:Coded is open source! You can find the source code here on github


A wiki is being worked on here.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. Can I add this to my server/mod pack?

A. Yes and you do not need permission.

Q. When is the next version coming out?

A. When it's ready. I will give an ETA when I feel that I can get it out by then.

Q. Will you update the mod to 1.x.x?

A. Yes as soon as Forge updates I will start working on it.

Q. When is feature x, y and z coming out?

A. In the future.

Q. Is there a wiki?

A. Right here (It's not complete, yet)

Q. My Minecraft crashed! What do I do!?

A. Post your crash report and specify which version of Kingdom Keys, Forge and Minecraft you are using. And if you are using any other mods specify which. I will likely respond to you in around a few hours to a day so be patient!

Q. Cookies!

A. Yup!

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